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Friday, October 24, 2014

What classic Journey songs would you add to the 2015 JR setlist?

Lead singer Jeff Salado has pulled together a list songs that he and the band might add to its roster in 2015, but they want your input! Here's your chance to let the guys know which songs would make great additions to Journey Revisited's dynamic live show!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

What songs do you want JR to add to its set lists? Here's your chance to tell us!

Jeff and the guys want to know what Journey songs to add to their setlists! Tell us here, or join the conversation on the JR Facebook page or Jeff's page...

Jeff: Here's a chance to let JR know what songs you'd like to hear us perform!
We are going to add at least 10 more songs to our total songs to expand our library of classic Journey tunes.

Here's a few you may or may not know, what are your thoughts?

1. Dixie Hwy
2. Mother Father
3. Walks like a lady
4. Suzanne
5. After the Fall
6. Loving you is easy
7. Edge of the blade
8. Rubicon
9. Patiently/ Winds of March medley
10. Chain Reaction
11. Message of Love

Bringing back List:

1.Still They Ride
2. When you love a woman
3. City of the angels

Possible additions? Your thoughts here?

1. Raised on radio
2. When I Think of You
3. Dead or Alive
4. Do You Recall
5. Why Can't This Night Go On Forever
6. Still She Cries, I love this tune
7. Missing you by "Steve Perry"