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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Journey Revisited to throw it down at the legendary Viper Room on May 15!

Hollywood here they come - Journey Revisited brings its tribute to the Bay Area album-oriented rock band to The Viper Room on May 15, 9PM PDT (tickets here).

In March, the band had a three-night, standing-room-only gig at the Covina Center Of The Performing Arts -- SOLD OUT -- and they are poised to do it again at The Viper Room.

JR gives its audience an uncannily accurate tribute to the "Perry & Rolie" sound and style without pre-recorded backing tracks or digital vocal enhancements.

Journey Revisited delivers that organic live sound and audiences are always leave a concert ready to rock with the band again.

Every gig in 2015 so far as been a SOLD OUT event! And The Viper Room...let's pack the house!

Journey Revisited is:
Jeff Salado, Lead Vocals
Val Popovic, Lead Guitar & vocals;
Kevin Jachetta, Keyboards, Keytar, Guitar, & vocals;
Michael Gonzales, Bass & vocals;
Dave Hawkes, Drums/Percussion.

 photo zvYeXDi_zpsthdk36c2.jpg

General Admission $10.00 21+. 8852 W. Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069; 310-358-1881.

Booked by Reese Entertainment, 209-585-7447

Who's Crying Now (Victorville 2014)

Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' / Any Way You Want It (Victorville 2014)

Just The Same Way" - Journey & Journey Revisited Mashup

Journey Revisited is available for media engagements:

Monday, September 1, 2014

Journey Revisited's travelogue and selfies on the way to Tulalip

This was the last stop of a four gig back-to-back tour leg, and the band was energized about playing Tulalip (it was a packed house -- again, as usual)! The interesting part of the trip was watching the guys document it, so we're bringing some of the fun to you.

Bassist Michael Gonzales gave us a view of the flight to Seattle from Oakland...

 photo Mike01_zpsd1389265.jpg

And lead singer Jeff Salado gave us a near blow by blow visual trip to the 5-Star Resort and Casino at Tulalip...first, our guys on the way to ground transportation (L-R, Val, Michael, Kevin, and Dave).

 photo e5d3d7ecbff7392bbef8258dec5b02e70ac8d6b48e92ff4244a9adaea9577c21_zps3eedc908.jpg

Our boys were styling, picked up by the casino in a Lincoln Navigator. (Peace, Dave!)

 photo 4c1556d9b121420d687f6ffde1691b24efb1580ff4ebb591500597d839a5d3f1_zps1535e886.jpg

 photo  03975e5923cbe117dd85bcc2b970d8b6f327862325d8b84482ec2879d27fc51b_zpsd8e49e24.jpg

 photo d8d85cea1d3c4fd57b6fd3d2720a38a837d8df6295a5cb58dc40654b27af7f84_zps0c2805bc.jpg

From Seattle to Tulalip is about an hour, according to Jeff....arrival!

 photo 483ed90141ae41fc6e619e6193a964564e9ddc4a76b45e8f387c185a78e2ecb0_zps59d2b3cd.jpg

Jeff: "I love this place!"

 photo c439f9ae178dcc78539d72199f30eac9be7ccf41a8f8a3eb267fa033c54eb0f1_zpsfa32ed3c.jpg

Well, can you blame him?

 photo Jeff10_zpscbc34b25.jpg

Selfie to enlarge.

About 4 hours later they had a soundcheck:

 photo Jeff12_zpsb1e742d0.jpg

And drummer Dave Hawkes alerted folks to the kit he was going to play on that evening ("Get to play a Ludwig champagne sparkle kit tonight!"):

 photo Dave01_zpsfb47b31b.jpg

And then they went on to play the place filled to capacity!

UPDATE: From new JR fan Peggy Lopez, vid of the guys doing Don't Stop Believin' via Facebook:

Journey Revisited is:
Jeff Salado, Lead Vocals
Val Popovic, Lead Guitar & vocals;
Kevin Jachetta, Keyboards, Keytar, Guitar, & vocals;
Michael Gonzales, Bass & vocals;
Dave Hawkes, Drums/Percussion.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Journey Revisited hits Black Oak Casino and Mammoth Rocks!

It was a weekend trip of rocking for the guys, and fortunately we've got some great shots of the band performing Journey classics before enthusiastic crowds in Tuolumne City and Mammoth Lakes, CA.


Video of "Girl Can't Help It from the Black Oak Casino gig, up on Fandalism!

Video of JR doing "Open Arms" at Mammoth Lakes, now up on Fandalism...

All photos below by Jennie Yaeger.

Friday night they played at the Black Oak Casino...

And Saturday they rocked at altitude -- The 6th Annual Mammoth Rocks Rocks - A Taste of the Sierra, at the Village at Mammoth.

Next up for the guys:

 photo 82814RocktheMall_zps557c24cb.jpg

Thursday, August 28, 6:00 PM (PDT)
Rock the Mall Summer Concerts
Community Park, Sierra Vista Mall
1050 Shaw Ave, Clovis, California 93612

Friday, August 1, 2014

Journey Revisited fan profile: Jim Branch shares his concert photos -- and why he's a big JR fan

JR fans are die hard supporters of the classic Journey sound, and one of the big reasons we're able to share great images from many of the concerts is because of Jim Branch. He's been able to grab excellent, candid shots of the band from various gigs and has graciously given us permission to use them on the site.

We asked Jim about his first JR experience and to tell us why he's a big booster of the unique talent, passion and fan-focused energy of the band.

Lead singer Jeff Salado with buddies Dylan and Jim.
I was living in San Carlos and in the town of Redwood City which is the next town over; they have Friday night concerts during the summer called Music on The Square.

About five years ago, JR played a show there and they rocked the place. I was an instant fan and it was on. Since then I have been to several of their shows and have become friends with the guys.

They have been back to Redwood several times and even played in San Carlos at a concert in the park. It was the biggest showing of fans in several years they have been doing it. JR tore it up that night and I had never seen as many people there before -- it was a packed house.

I have driven as far as Fresno, Copperopolis, Monterey, Salinas, and other cities to see them play. I will make the drive because they are a great group of guys and are well worth it.

Jeff, Val, Michael, Kevin and David -- thank you for bringing us such awesome music and an amazing tribute to one of the greatest Bay Area bands of all time Journey. You are the best tribute to Journey ever and I am so grateful for your friendships.

I also need to mention that because of this band, I have made some most amazing friends from all over the world because of their popularity. I have not met many of them personally, but the experience of friendship is priceless and you all know who you are. I love you guys.

Thank You, JR RAWKS !!!!!!
No, thank you, Jim!

Here's a slideshow of just a tiny fraction of the photographs that Jim has taken over the years. We'll add to the slideshow over time for you!

UPDATE (9/3/2014): Here are more albums from Jim --

24th Annual Music in the Park - San Carlos Concert Series

Aug 30, 2014 Monterey County Fair

Journey Revisited is:
Jeff Salado, Lead Vocals
Val Popovic, Lead Guitar & vocals;
Kevin Jachetta, Keyboards, Keytar, Guitar, & vocals;
Michael Gonzales, Bass & vocals;
Dave Hawkes, Drums/Percussion.