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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Journey Revisited brings Bay Area Classics to the San Carlos Art & Wine Faire

Journey Revisited brought the classic 80s sound to the San Carlos Art & Wine Faire, a fun-filled, outdoor family event sponsored by the San Carlos Chamber of Commerce!


Join us in Vallejo, CA during the holiday season. Journey Revisited hits the stage at the Empress Theatre on 12/2/2016.

Tickets will be on sale soon!!
Doors will open at 7:00PM
Tickets $20

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Another sold-out throw-down with Journey Revisited at Hannah Nicole Vineyards and Winery!

It was an amazing night in Brentwood, CA as Journey Revisited returned to the beautiful Hannah Nicole Vineyards and Winery. Under the lights the sold-out venue guests rocked to the classic Journey sound. Some photos:


Next gig: Street Vibrations - September 22, 2016, Thursday 7:00 PM. Harrah's Reno Hotel & Casino, 219 N Center St, Reno, NV 89501.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Journey Revisited - striking it hot at the Gold Country Fair

Auburn, California had a throw-down at the Gold Country Fair and Journey Revisited brought it to them Friday night. Saw a lot of new fans and a few familiar faces, and everyone joined the party. A few photos...


NEXT GIG - TOMORROW, Saturday, September 9 - A SOLD OUT gig at Hannah Nicole Winery & Vineyards, in Brentwood, CA.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rocking in Copperopolis with Journey Revisited!

Saturday, August 27! Journey Revisited drew more than 2,000 to its gig at Copperopolis Town Square! People were there early to claim their lawn chair space and it was a blast!

 7:00-10:00PM, 100 Townsquare Road, Copperopolis, CA 95228


NEXT GIG: The Monterey County Fair!

Thursday, September 1, 2016
Monterey County Fair, 2004 Fairground Road, Monterey, CA 93940 | Tickets: Adult: $10, Kids (6-12): $6; Senior (62+): $9; Carnival Fun Pack: $30 | Tickets:


The award-winning JOURNEY REVISITED's fidelity to the classic sounds of the Perry years is drawing audiences from all over! Catch us this summer!

Journey Revisited is:
Jeff Salado, Lead Vocals;
Val Popovic, Lead Guitar & Vocals;
Dave Sousa, Bass & Vocals;
Kevin Jachetta, Keyboards, Keytar, Guitar, & Vocals;
David Hawkes, Drums/Percussion.

Check out our web site and tour date page; gigs are being added regularly:

Instagram: @journey_revisited_pam |@journey_revisited
Twitter: @JRNYrevisited

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Journey Revisited kicks it in Fresno at Fulton 55!

All advance tickets were sold -- and Journey Revisited rocked Fresno's Fulton 55 tonight! Opening band was Shattered.

Journey Revisited - Medley (Sep Ways/Anytime/Girl Can't Help I...
JR rocked a full house at Fulton 55 in Fresno on February 13. . Video: Rachel Garcia Popovic. Edit by Panda. Posted by Journey Revisited on Sunday, February 14, 2016


Journey Revisited Gig - Fulton 55 - 2/13/2016. Album with photos by Theresa of Reese Live, Sherrie Luis, Laura Ramos,...
Posted by Journey Revisited on Saturday, February 13, 2016

More photos and pix here courtesy of Theresa of Reese Entertainment.

Doors: 7:30PM - Shattered 8:30, JR 9:45
Buy online:
875 Divisadero St, Fresno, CA 93721

Video promo:

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Rocking the roof off of the West Side Theatre!

This venue is where Journey Revisited sells out time and again -- and the crowd digs the band's fidelity to the classic sound of the Steve Perry years during the Bay Area supergroup's heyday. Reserved tickets sold out early, with only some gen admission left up to the last minute. Lead singer Jeff Salado reported just before the band went on that the theatre added extra tables to accommodate folks pouring in to heat the melodic compositions of Journey by the best tribute out there!

Newman, California's West Side Theatre rocked hard!

Journey Revisited Gig - Separate Ways Instagram - West Side Th...
Instagram "Separate Ways." Journey Revisited at the West Side Theatre, 2/6/2016, Newman, CA. Vid by Rachel Popovic. Posted by Journey Revisited on Saturday, February 6, 2016

Journey Revisited Gig - West Side Theatre - 2/6/2016 Album with photos to come tonight. Newman, CA.#journeyrevisited #journeytributeband #journeytribute #instadaily #instagram #tributeband #WestSideTheatre
Posted by Journey Revisited on Saturday, February 6, 2016


Next week, Journey Revisited returns to Fresno's Fulton 55 for another throw down. It's Valentine's weekend, so get your tickets now as they are selling like hotcakes. Shattered opens for the guys!

Fulton 55 Facebook event page.

Journey Revisited / Shattered at Fulton 55
Saturday, February 13 | 8:30 PM
Doors: 8:00 PM | Show: 8:30 PM | 21 and over
Tickets: $15 - $18 |Buy online:
875 Divisadero St, Fresno, CA 93721

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hurry! Sat, Feb 6 - West Side Theatre - Only Gen Admission tix left to see Journey Revisited!

All reserved seating is SOLD OUT for JOURNEY REVISITED's gig on Saturday, Feb. 6 at the West Side Theatre in Newman, CA. General admission is available, so hurry up and get your tix!

Doors open at 7 PM; Showtime 8 PM. Adults: $20.00 gen admission. Students: $10 gen.

Order online: or
209-862-4490 |

West Side Theatre
1331 Main St.
Newman, CA 95360

Monday, January 11, 2016

Catch Journey Revisited at San Rafael'sThe Fenix and Redwood City's Club Fox in January!

On January 22 San Rafael's The Fenix will be the setting for the next Journey Revisited throw-down. Are you going to be there? Reserve a seat -- or a table!

Reservations: 415.813.1234. Reserve online:
Showtime: 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm | $14 / $16. The Fenix, 919 4th Street, San Rafael, CA 94901.
With the distinctive lead vocals of Jeff Salado delivering the signature Steve Perry experience, Journey Revisited features fantastic harmonies and dynamic instrumentals. They recreate note-for-note renditions of Journey classics and will take you on a rhythmic ride to an era when Rock dominated the radio airwaves.
Streaming of the gig will be available Tuesday through Sunday.


The next day, JR will return to Redwood City to play Club Fox!

2209 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063 | $13 adv / $20 day of show | 8:30 PM Doors open 7:30 PM | 21+ | Phone: 831-334-1153


Journey dominated arenas worldwide in the late 70s, 80s, and the amazing comeback in the mid-90s. What if you could see a band like that again? Journey still tours, but for those longing for the "voice" of the band that was fronted by Steve Perry back in the day should now treat yourself to JOURNEY REVISITED - "Reliving the Glory Days of Journey" - a concert re-creation of the band covering its greatest smash hits from 1978-1996.
How about a little preview of an upcoming JR slideshow?

Posted by Pam Spaulding on Sunday, January 10, 2016

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ringing in 2016 with Journey Revisited at Stockmen's Casino in Elko, NV

New Year's Eve came up fast...and what better way to spend it than with Journey Revisited? A lot of fans did! A view on the way to Elko (courtesy of Jeff Salado) where it was 6 degrees F:

The promo for the gig!

They rocked Stockmen's Hotel and Casino in Elko, NV, starting at 10 PM:

Journey Revisited Gig - Stockmen's Elko New Year's Eve, 12/31/2015. Album with photos by Rachel Garcia Popovic and...
Posted by Journey Revisited on Thursday, December 31, 2015

Fans were so thrilled that they sent this wonderful "Thank You" to the band:

Stockmen's Hotel and Casino, 340 Commercial Street Elko, NV 89801 | Show at 10 PM | 21+ | INFO
Phone: 775-738-5141 |

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Journey Revisited rocks out final 2015 Black Oak Casino gig

Black Oak Casino in Tuolumne, CA is a gig that Journey Revisited throws down four times a season, and they closed out 2015's series with a great set and a great turnout! Some photos from the gig (courtesy of Jessica Ruggiero).

Journey Revisited Gig - Black Oak Casino - 12/19/2015. It's the last show of the year for Journey Revisited at BOC....
Posted by Journey Revisited on Saturday, December 19, 2015

And some video - the national anthem, by Val Popovic and Kevin Jachetta:

Journey Revisited - Star Spangled Banner - Black Oak, 12/19/2015.
Journey Revisited - Star Spangled Banner - Black Oak, 12/19/2015. Featuring Val Popovic on guitar, Kevin Jachetta on keytar. Video by Jessica Ruggiero. #journeyrevisited #tributeband #centralvalleyevents #journeytributeband Black Oak Casino Resort
Posted by Journey Revisited on Saturday, December 19, 2015

And if you missed them here, you can catch them next year at BOC the band is already booked for 2016!


Do you want to spend New Year's Eve with Journey Revisited? They will be ringing in 2016 at Stockmen's Hotel and Casino in Elko, NV. Share this countdown with your friends on Facebook and join us!

Gig: Thursday, December 31, 2015
Stockmen's Hotel and Casino, 340 Commercial Street Elko, NV 89801 | Show at 10 PM | 21+ | Phone: 775-738-5141 |

Friday, November 13, 2015

The frontman's journey - Jeff Salado recreates the Perry experience for Journey Revisited

By Pam Spaulding ("Panda", JR Team Captain)
(Originally published 12/11/2014, updated 11/13/2015)

The stellar timeless songwriting, musicianship, harmonies and tenor-based vocals of Journey are easily recognizable, embedded in cultural references, and are celebrated by millions. Many are enamored of not only the hits, but the deep cuts and varied textures and genres that the band dared to dip into over the decades -- blues, R&B, rock, and pop. It’s no surprise that among those who grew up with the iconic music are now musicians and vocalists inspired to pay tribute to Journey by performing the work live -- including the members of Journey Revisited.

Journey Revisited's lead singer Jeff Salado asked me what I thought about seeing the band for the first time live -- when I came out to California in November 2014.

With experience as a journalist, photographer, and videographer, I decided to give him feedback/insight that he was unlikely receive from the average concert-goer. What was surprising is that once he read it, he asked me to recast what was a private email into an article because he wanted to share with you all what it's like to perform through my lens as a writer, a fan and good friend.

Prior to that November Black Oak Casino performance, I had only seen Jeff onstage via video. where it's clear that he has great stage presence and stagecraft -- he interacts with fans, and connects them to the music of Journey. I did, however, have the good fortune to spend time with him prior to the concert, hanging out in his environment -- seeing the offstage Jeff Salado.

Most fans never get to interact with that Jeff - the goofy, funny, nerdy, lovable guy who's also capable of conversations of great intellectual depth and thoughtfulness. A dude who loves talking Journey from the perspective of a singer (of course), muscle cars of all brands and styles, boxing, history, science and classic TV. Jeff possesses a noggin full of useless trivia like myself that makes conversations incredibly interesting. That guy isn't on stage.

The joy in live performance is imperfection, the choices of the artist ensures that each performance is uniquely owned and delivered to the audience is a key goal. Audiences continue to seek out the golden tones, the rich warmth and raw emotive draw that Steve Perry evoked during his tenure with Journey. The tribute bands yearn to satisfy that thirst for melodic sound that moves fans of Journey’s classic album oriented rock.

The challenge for Jeff Salado, a huge Perry and Journey fan, is to keep that level of quality, fidelity and emotion pouring forth each gig to connect with the music and channel that energy to ardent fans of the aural benchmark set by Steve Perry.

So my presence at Black Oak as a working professional (to capture photos and video) allowed me unique access to observe passively on multiple levels. After the show, I had a lot to say about that experience, but not in detail, or with a critical eye. So here's my perspective on the Journey Revisited lead singer...what you see and experience is more than meets the eye.

The Professional Jeff

This is the serious guy you see at the venue working on sound check, trying out an ear monitor, or the green room discussing band plans for the year. He's quite relaxed but carries a level of command of the room that telegraphs business. After all, this is a job for all of them. They are all conscious of wanting to be at their best to please the audiences that eagerly await hearing classic Journey.

It's also reflected in the photos in the Green Room. You'll notice that the other guys are relaxed, focusing on their own warm up routines, but Jeff's presence set the tone for the evening, loose but mindful of the task at hand, for instance, inquiring about adding songs to the roster for the next year, and how the band can accomplish learning them by tour time.

There were a couple of unusual circumstances that night -- I was introducing the band on stage, and they were celebrating guitarist Val Popovic's birthday. So Jeff and Val were holding court in discussions, considering whether to sing a version of "Lights" based on the studio recording or a live version.

Jeff's ability to stay motivated in adverse conditions is remarkable; that night at Black Oak was an unusual perfect storm to vex a vocalist -- the smoke in the casino was overwhelming due to a group that arrived and proceeded to smoke out the capacity of the air system to clear it out. Cigarette smoke flowed freely into the concert venue space.

It's enough to shake any vocalist - the issue became so problematic that Jeff, during the performance, twice asked me to retrieve lozenges from the dressing room in a valiant attempt to keep his vox from being affected by the smoke. Everyone in the venue was feeling the horrible burn. It is also not surprising how well Jeff pushed past it, making slight vocal changes and choices to accommodate the uncertainty of his ability to deliver certain notes -- a hallmark of a self-aware vocalist. Jeff's had to endure enough uncertainties and frustrations and always forged ahead as the professional that he is. But he has remained humble.

It's rare for an artist to talk about an off-night; it's a vulnerability that many won't admit to. But the reality is that we're only human; and Jeff wanted me to share that it's something he's not ashamed of; we all have days where we come up short for whatever reason. It's no different for entertainers  -- their skills and performance are dependent on tissues that get strained by smoke or hurt by allergies. The show must go on.

And consistency is key to any tribute band. After all, JR has to perform gig after gig to represent the peak of Journey live. Even that stellar band had off nights. Journey Revisited has to replicate landmark sounds such as the 1981 Live in Houston concert that Jeff models some of his Perry vox from. This consistency is why JR won a coveted Modesto Area Music Award for Best Blue Collar/Cover Band in 2015.

David Hawkes (drums), Jeff Salado, and Val Popovic (guitar) picked up the MAMA at the
Modesto Area Music Awards for Best Blue Collar/Cover Band. Oct 20, 2015

The Onstage Jeff

This aspect of Jeff Salado will be familiar to many of you. My first reaction to seeing him onstage in person (after doing the band intro I had to quickly get offstage and get down in the venue to see the rest of Escape) was "WOW." Hearing his voice live with my own ears -- it was literally going from mono to stereo for me, and I was having a hard time concentrating on my photography during that number; I had to keep stopping to look up at Jeff to reconcile what I was hearing with seeing him up there on stage with the guy I just had lunch with, cutting up with friends.

And, as I mentioned above, I saw him on what he considered an off-night because of the smoke affecting his breathing, challenging him when hitting/holding certain notes that he normally does with ease. He also was mindful about some mistakes in timing on certain songs.

These are things the vast majority of people in the audience didn't notice or care about. But the perfectionists of Journey Revisited always want to deliver 110%, Jeff included. For Jeff that means focusing on his stagecraft and appearance as well -- he told me, "it's not only the music, it's how it's being presented and looking our best and feeling our best is doing our best."

For me, imperfections are part of the beauty of live performance though; you're seeing the marvel of the gift of the human voice, a fragile instrument with miraculous ability to produce sounds so rousing, so moving. Not everyone is as blessed with the physical goods to produce the notes that Steve Perry did, but to have the skill of controlling that instrument to project sound with such clarity and power and emotion is one of Jeff Salado's natural gifts that he works hard to hone for the audience.
Photo by Jeff Hall
The band digs deep to deliver no matter what the conditions are.

The Journey catalog is already a high bar to clear instrumentally; and the Bay Area arena rock supergroup’s era that is the most in demand to hear live is the Steve Perry years (1978-1996). Gig after gig, those classic, stratospheric vocals have to be recreated at an almost impossible standard -- one that even Steve Perry couldn’t reproduce consistently live, simply because we’re talking about the human voice.

The difficulty of being a lead singer is that you can't replace pipes like guitar strings and every night, every venue is different environment. The one thing I wish for, as part of the band's support infrastructure, is that I lived closer to see JR live more frequently to enjoy the uniqueness of each performance, the nuances, the choices made (I live in NC).

The "It" Factor

It makes for a more informative piece to discuss this section not in a cheerleader "isn't Jeff cute and he sings great" review. It means so much more to describe how the performances work, and how that the forces align to deliver a special experience for fans, casual and die hards alike.

For me, seeing Jeff the performer up there, the offstage Jeff ceases to exist; this onstage Jeff delivers a huge dose of liquid mojo out there for the audience to drink in. What is it?

Vox - His pipes are amazing; I could hear that despite the challenges that night at Black Oak. One video, I watched over and over afterwards, was Too Late because his vocals speak to me in that song, and the band is so tight on it. I think many fans find the sweet spots in their favorite Journey songs that Jeff sings that you walk away wanting more. His range, his power, and his strong Perry-like vibrato and tone are what sets him apart from other Journey tribute singers.

He also shares with Perry a gifted fine ear for pitch -- hearing the notes with clarity and able to reproduce accurately on demand. That takes much more work than what average people can accomplish without major effort, but it is second nature to the Journey Revisited vocalist.

 After a gig, Jeff always has singers and vocal coaches come up to ask how he does it. But sometimes it really looks like he isn’t really thinking about it. They have no idea that Jeff has zero formal training, and employs no regular routine to maintain those golden pipes. He’s like a car that never needs an oil change.

"I have NO regimen, I'm pretty much a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants singer."
-- Journey Revisited lead singer Jeff Salado, on whether he has regular routines to maintain his voice

But he knows that to preserve what he has will take more work down the line.

One thing that is quite noticeably different about Jeff in comparison to Steve Perry is his speaking voice. Perry in older interviews has an almost alto, soft voice; Jeff is most definitely a baritone and a harmonious, deep resonant one at that. It's immensely pleasing, though it's not called upon for the Journey catalog. He would make a great DJ...

Emotive ability - He puts himself into the song; Jeff has the ability to "perform" emotion even when he's not feeling it that night. Even though I knew he was having a rough go of it (i.e., the lozenges run), when I would watch him, I felt the songs, I felt the resonance and connection to them. That's a hallmark of a pro.

Physical performance: Jeff gives it all onstage -- often at his own expense in post-gig pain. I know he wishes he could jump off the riser every night, but no one takes the Perryisms and runs with them in spades like he does. He projects a significant bodycon (body confidence) onstage.

JR fans are roused by the music as Jeff performs the classic hits no longer covered by Journey proper in concert. He brings not only the essence of Perry's notable energy to the stage, but Jeff  (and his many female fans aren't hearing any news here) brings a considerable dose of his own mojo that he naturally projects and and overlays on top of it. It's why he has such a tremendous...

 photo Jeffconnect_zps7n9uypkl.gifAudience connection - If you were standing near that stage, which I often was, I was bowled over at how dynamic and powerfully he draws people to him. When he looks directly at people during a song that energy flows to them, and reflects back. It's exciting to experience.

Several times he looked at me as he does to people in the audience all the time. When I saw the images, as I was going through the 800+ shots taken during the show, I could actually recall that energy. It's why audiences come back, and want to come back. He connects as an artist.

Jeff on what he is trying to project:
"I want people to feel special because they are; when they go home after a JR concert, I want them to feel that there was a connection directly with me in the hope that we'll see them at our next concert. We do everything we can to make each show even better."
After a decade of covering public figures and politicians for a nationally read, influential political blog, I can honestly say I've seen few people onstage or out in the political realm with the kind mojo Jeff Salado has.  Jeff has the ability to make everyone else in the room disappear when he looks at you. You feel like you are the center of his universe, with undivided attention, whether it is for a few seconds, or a few minutes of conversation. He makes that person feel special in some way. There's no way to create it or recreate it. This is priceless when interacting with fans after a gig. He gives it all in those moments.

I've had discussions with Jeff -- amusing ones at times -- about this energy and its impact on women. It's there onstage, but it's also there when he's still in stage persona and interacting with people of all persuasions. He obviously knows how to turn on the considerable natural charm, but it's that extra something special that just flows from him that is non-denominational -- many rock stars have it like Steve Perry, Mick Jagger, and Robert Plant. But he projects it earnestly and with approachability.

Many in the audience can feel that energy from an artist, but they just can't quite put a finger on why they are drawn to that person onstage or articulate it, in this case that mojo's coming from a Journey tribute band singer named Jeff Salado. He has "It" and knows how to use it, whether innately or that he's developed it over the years through self-awareness of it.

Since that Black Oak concert, I've worked with the band at gigs at the Covina Center for the Performing Arts (Los Angeles in a theatre venue), Victorville (the San Bernardino County Fair on a huge pro-production outdoor stage), and in San Jose at Rockbar, a 1,000-capacity nightclub with a pro-level lighting/sound environment). They throw it down in every venue and provide huge opportunities to capture dynamic photos, audio and video for fans who don't have the ability to attend.

Like Perry, Jeff walks a tightrope each gig without a net, no Auto Tune, no lip sync. And the songs are not dropped a half-step, they are performed in the merciless standard E tuning. It's Jeff’s vocal instrument out there, often without support for adequate rest, or experiencing weather conditions at gigs where temperatures may exceed 120 F onstage, as was the case at Kings Fair in Hanford, California in June 2015. And that is the story of so many vocalists at the working tribute band level. And unlike Perry, who as the originator of these songs had the latitude to try alternate interpretations live, tribute singers like Jeff Salado have to pick a live or studio version that is familiar to the audience and try to match it, note-for-note each time.

I told Jeff to read this from time to time to remind himself what sets him apart as a performer and professional from so many others. You'll have to weigh in to share your thoughts about what Jeff brings to a Journey Revisited performance.

And thank you, Jeff, for being so willing to open up and share!


Journey Revisited - Separate Ways - Rockbar Theater - 10/16/2015.
Journey Revisited - Separate Ways - Rockbar Theater - 10/16/2015. Prepare to be wowed!
Posted by Journey Revisited on Thursday, October 29, 2015

Journey Revisited - Lights/Stay Awhile - Covina, CA 3/22/2015
Journey Revisited - Lights/Stay Awhile - Covina, CA 3/22/2015. Vid by Pam Spaulding (Panda) #journeyrevisited
Posted by Journey Revisited on Monday, April 13, 2015

Journey Revisited - Loving You Is Easy - Rockbar Theater - 10/...
Journey Revisited - Loving You Is Easy - Rockbar Theater - 10/16/2015. Prepare to be wowed! Click HD to see in high-def. #journeytributeband #tributeband #rockbar #like4like #instadaily #instagram Rockbar Theater
Posted by Journey Revisited on Thursday, October 29, 2015

Journey Revisited - Just the Same Way - Rockbar Theater - 10/1...
Journey Revisited - Just the Same Way - Rockbar Theater - 10/16/2015.
Posted by Journey Revisited on Thursday, October 29, 2015