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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Introducing...FAITHFULLY - Experience the Most Authentic Tribute to Journey!


Formerly known as Journey Revisited...

Experience the Most Authentic Tribute to Journey!

MODESTO, CA, Feb 1, 2017 - In the news, former tribute band sensation "Journey Revisited" has disbanded.

The once great tribute band to Journey you've all come to know and love with -- David Hawkes, drums, Kevin Jachetta, keys, Val Popovic, guitar and Michael Gonzales -- along with myself, Jeff Salado, leading the group -- has gone out to pasture as of December 11, 2016, after a long illustrious 6 years of success...

That once great lineup and magic it had produced has truly passed on and is gone forever.

R.I.P. JR, we'll surely miss you.

But rising from the ashes, dawns a new day and "FAITHFULLY," a brand new exciting group of pro musicians emerges, with Michael Klooster from the hit band Smash Mouth on keys and vocals, Jay Gore on guitar and vocals, Ben White on bass and vocals, Ronnie Manaog on drums and vocals, and myself, Jeff Salado -- still on lead vocals.

As a team we will stay faithful and true to the music of Journey and the loyal fans who adore it. "The quality will remain here where it began when I started this journey back in 2005, when we were Arrival," says Jeff Salado.

"We are raising the bar once again to deliver the most authentic-sounding and visually appealing Journey tribute ever,” says band creator Jeff Salado. “These guys have amazing showmanship and stagecraft. I'm feeling blessed to have all this true talent around me."